grapheme | germany 2013
dimension: width 4.8m / height 2.9m / depth 8.3m
sculpture & projection: robert seidel / sound: heiko tippelt
permanent installation at Museum Wiesbaden

Hand-drawn sketches were the starting point for the installation grapheme

In the amorphous abstract films, the structural state of these sketches is translated into a temporal flow of images. Here, for example events from the past fade away and become connected in continual transformation to new experiences and impressions. The moving film image preserves this reconstruction process, without ever indicating an end-state.

Permanent Video Installation at Museum Wiesbaden, Germany
Projection Sculpture, 4 Projectors, Stereo Speakers, Mirror Wall
Documentation April 2014 / Installation Premiere May 7th 2013

Installation & Projection: Robert Seidel
Music: Heiko Tippelt
Documentation: Christian Seeling & Robert Seidel
Museum Director: Dr. Alexander Klar

Curator & Project Initiator: Dr. Peter Forster
Setup Assistance: Clara Sawatzki
Technical Setup: Torsten Hasenclever & Michael Edler
Museum Support: Astrid Lembcke-Thiel
Museum PR: Evelyn Bergner & Annika Haas

copyright robert seidel 1996 - eternity

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