black mirror | usa / germany 2011
projection & sculpture: robert seidel
soundtrack: richard eigner
commission: young projects, los angeles, usa

Projection on Paper Sculptures in front of a Mirror
Sculpture #1: 1,6 x 1,2 x 0,8 m
Sculpture #2: 2,1m x 0,8 x 0,9 m

The title "Black Mirror" refers to the dark mirror used in the 18th century for landscape painting, also called Claude glass.

Ulrike Pennewitz, Art Historian | Excerpt from the Essay Behind the Curtain of Things | Woven by laser into scarcely discernible forms, gossamer papers inspired by bark beetle traces float in the exhibition space. Light-structures invade these delicate paper beings, shower them with dazzling colour, caress them with flowing powdery haze. A mirror reflects the viewer’s incidence angle of vision and seems to open up a unifying space that nonetheless remains only a surface.

Leah Ollman, Los Angeles Times, April 29th 2011 | Robert Seidel’s first solo show in the U.S., at Young Projects, is an immersive experience, a sensuous dip into light, color, movement, sound and change […] Seidel’s stream of visual consciousness is well worth dipping into.

Anne Martens, Flash Art, No. 279, July–Sept. 2011 | Experiencing Seidel's art seems both external to the self and internalized. Mirages come and go as fleeting as thought, with just their collective impact lingering.

Sculpture and Projection: Robert Seidel
Documentation Editor: Falk Müller
Music: Richard Eigner
Curator: Paul Young
Support: German Short Film Association, Joe Day / Deegan Day Design LLC, Camila Vial, Ulrike Pennewitz, Thoralf Müller, Marko Schmidt, Ricky Korf und Sebastian Schwartze

Black Mirror – A New Installation and Moving Paintings
1st US Solo Show of Robert Seidel
Young Projects, Space B210, Los Angeles
March 22nd to August 20th 2011

copyright robert seidel 1996 - eternity

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